Bilingual Posting / 双语发布

Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Followers:

We apologize for the late action in addressing your concerns / feedbacks requesting for the posts to be in both English and Chinese so that you can forward them out to non-English readers.

YES! We hear you and have taken you feedback into consideration. All future posts shall be made available in both the English and Chinese language (all in 1 page)! This will allow for more readers to stay tuned on the latest happenings at Focus Education Academy (FEA) and/or any other related news. By having a dual language post, all in a page, will also allow non-English readers to discover and learn the magical way of how English and Chinese can be translated and communicated.

We shall be extending our social media reach on various popular platforms so that you can simply stay tuned at the convenience of your finger tips. Do follow us and embark on a learning journey together!

Best regards,





是的!我们的帖子将在一页内以中英对照面世!这将让关注者多了解关于新加坡福克斯教育学院 (FEA)的进展和其他相关信息。中英对照的帖子将让非英文读者发现和学习中英这两种语文是如何翻译与沟通的神奇之处。


新加坡福克斯教育学院 (FEA)

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