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At Focus, we believe that everyone is unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is our desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential through the right teaching methods and proper tools. Students need the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.

Focus Education Academy aim to be the premium provider of English, Mathematics and Science subjects and syllabus, at the level of Singapore MOE (Ministry of Education) standards. We utilize a diverse range of in-house materials and human resources to cater for the exact needs of students studying our local Singapore syllabus. This Focus Education Academy Learning System is set up to give overseas students an insight into the scene of Singapore’s education.

All of our learning and assessment materials are constantly developed in house and up to date with Singapore’s syllabus to reflect the demanding conditions of being a student in Singapore.

All of Focus Education Academy teaching staffs are native English speakers, from Singapore. All our teachers possess the following: a TEFL and have at least five years of business teaching experience.

Want to STUDY in Singapore?

We provide opportunities for you FACE to FACE to learn from us and be a student in our Singapore Education System.