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Primary 3, English, Worksheet 1, Comprehension – mock

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Primary 3, English, Worksheet 1, Comprehension – mock

This is a mock comprehension that relates back to the comprehension question for Primary 3, English, Worksheet 3. Please indicate if you prefer this way or the other.

Instructions: Read the following passage and answer the following questions.


My mother bakes the best cakes. Every time I bite into one, I can feel an explosion of flavor in my mouth. I like to have them straight from the oven when they are still soft and fluffy. My mother draws a flower on the cakes with icing.

Sometimes, my mother gets me to help her with the baking and I will throw in extra chocolate chips. I help with cracking the eggs and stir the batter. I did not realize before that stirring it could be hard work. When I get tired I give the wooden spoon to my mother to take over.

When she is not looking I quickly dip my finger into the batter before it goes to the oven. It takes less than half an hour before the cakes are baked. My mother would prepare three piping bags of frosting in my favourite three colours : yellow, blue and green. I would design of flowers, stars. Sometimes I squeeze the piping bag too hard and I will get is a huge blob of frosting. After we finish decorate it we lay the cakes on the plate and serve. I dive into them, attacking the cakes with the messy blobs of frosting on them. sometime I get frosting all over my mouth.