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Primary 3 Mathematics, Worksheet 2: Length – TBC

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Primary 3 Mathematics, Worksheet 2: Length – TBC

There are a total of 47 questions.

Time limit: 47 minutes.

a) 47 questions already input into LMS.
b) categorized.
To follow up:
a) workings / explanations (if any)
b) review and determine if format (refer to following for details) / presentation is appropriate

Section A: 25 MCQ
Section B: 12 Fill in the blanks
Section C: 9 Fill in the blanks and 1 essay / open answer (for Q8)
Review for the following questions:
B9: has 2 model answers (1 is in m and the other one, km and m), entering either one of the methods with the correct numbers and unit of measurement should be marked correct.
B12: has 2 answers to be filled in. Have to consider if student is required to enter unit of measurement or not. And, if student needs to be reminded to include unit of measurement. Anything missing from the model answer shall be marked as wrong.