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Primary 4, English, Worksheet 1, Section D, Comprehension MCQ – tbc

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Primary 4, English, Worksheet 1, Section D, Comprehension MCQ – tbc

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Read the passage carefully.

What do you think smoke is? People often think that smoke is a gas. Although smoke contains gases, what you see as smoke is actually millions of tiny particles that are suspended in the gases. The gases themselves are invisible.

How does smoke come about? The incomplete burning of what is being burned causes smoke. What actually makes up the solid particles depends on what is being burned. For example, smoke from the exhaust of a car consists mostly of carbon particles.

Fumes from motor vehicles can be reduced. Motorists should ensure that their vehicles are in good working condition. Similarly, industrial ‘scrubbers’ can control smoke emissions from factory chimneys.

Since smoke is a hazard to our health and the health of many other creatures that live on our beautiful planet, we must strive to have stricter laws to reduce this dangerous source of pollution in future .