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Primary 4, English, Worksheet 3, Assessment 1, Comprehension – tbc

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Primary 4, English, Worksheet 3, Assessment 1, Comprehension – tbc

Read the passage carefully. Answer the questions that follow.

Of the many inventions to date, many of them are linked to transportation and travel. Walking was the first mode of travel. However, distances and different terrains became obstacles to this form of transportation. Hence, people began to make use of animals. Whether it was the horse, the bullock or the camel, animals took people from one place to another at a much faster pace, saving time and allowing greater interaction to take place.

However, some people found it difficult to ride constantly on animals. Some animals were afraid of terrain that contained a lot of water or terrain that was too rocky or bumpy. Machines were next in line. With machines, man could travel even further than before and in places no one had ever ventured to. It was impossible to trek from one end of a country to the next as the time needed to go back and forth often did not make the trip worthwhile. However, with machines like the car, people could get to their destinations much faster than before.

Cars and aeroplanes are two important inventions that have helped to propel society forward. With cars, people can travel faster and with aeroplanes, it does not matter if countries are separated by mountains or the wide open sea. These are no longer obstacles to travel. Within a country, people can conveniently stay away from the city without fear that they will not be able to commute to the city in time.

Aeroplanes, invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright, certainly certainly sounded like a fantasy when they first started out. Barely able to fly very high above ground and hardly lasting more than a few seconds, invention did not look promising. The brothers ran many trials, not without accidents. The aeroplanes were known to have crashed few times in the process of inventing more stable ones. Their perseverance, however, paid off and the aeroplane is now part and parcel of everyone’s life today.