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Primary 5, English, Worksheet 1, Exercise 8 – tbc

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Primary 5, English, Worksheet 1, Exercise 8 – tbc

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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

In a story that sounds almost too good to be true, a mother has been reunited with her daughter after 10 years and it seems that her good fortune has not stopped rolling in.

Her child was just 6 days old, when a fire destroyed Ms. Luzida Curves’ home shortly after a friend of hers, Ms. Carolyn Camb paid her a visit. The police told Ms. Curves that her baby had been killed. However, the remains of her baby were never found and Cambell cut off contact with her soon after that. Ms Curves had her suspicions and held on to the hope that she  would be able to see her daughter again, even though many said that she was just trying to deny the fact that her baby was gone.

Her dream came true when she met Carolyn Cambell again at a birthday party. Ms. Cambell had brought along a ten-year-old girl who looked familiar. When interviewed, Ms Curves said that the girl had a left dimple just like her baby, who was named Daisy Veera at birth. Telling the girl that she had gum in her hair, she took a few strands of hair from her and brought them to a laboratory to be checked. Tests confirmed what Curves had always believed – the child was her daughter.

Cambell has since been arrested for kidnapping and arson while Curves has had several tearful meetings with her long-lost daughter. Daisy has since been returned to Ms. Curves and the two are trying to build the bond that they were deprived of. So far, things have gone smoothly even though Daisy speaks only English and Ms. Curves is more comfortable with Spanish.

Many TV stations have approached Ms. Curves to ask if they could turn her story into a movie.