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Primary 6, English, Worksheet 1, Exercise 5, Comprehension – tbc

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Read the passage carefully. Answer the questions that follow.

Henry and Ann first started building models from leftover parts. Later, their father bought them a time machine kit. There were parts to construct a box-like machine that could seat only one person as well as a computer software that could be installed into a white box and attached to the top of the machine. From the software, the children could program where the wanted to go.

A few years later, the children were invited to experience what a real time machine was like. They could not believe their luck. Their dream was coming true.

Before long, it was time for the adventure. The children were strapped in a leather seat each. Henry pressed a few buttons on a control panel in front of him. The seats began vibrating vigorously. Despite having the seat belts on, the children held on tightly to their seats.

A few minutes later, the machine stopped vibrating. Ann opened the door. To her surprise, she found the machine under a huge tree. Stepping out, she almost bumped into the back of a horse! Almost immediately, she heard someone shouting loudly. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man running after the horse. Henry emerged just in time to see the man pulling at the horse’s reins. The man noticed the two children. He stared at them nervously and placed his hand on his holster.

The man ranted and raved at the two children. His cries brought a crowd of people to the scene. Although the children did not know what was being said. It was clear that the people were getting violent. The men were reaching for their guns and the women were arming themselves with long bat-likes sticks. The children rushed towards their time machine in the nick of time. Henry started the machine and entered the code for another year. The same vibration occurred again but this time, when they opened the door of the machine, they found themselves back in their familiar room.