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Secondary 2, English, Worksheet 2, Section B, Comprehension, Passage B – tbc

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Secondary 2, English, Worksheet 2, Section B, Comprehension, Passage B – tbc

There are a total of 8 questions.
Time Limit: minutes
a) 8 questions already input into LMS. Including sub-questions
b) categorized.
To follow up:
a) marks allocation
b) time limit
c) requires model answers and workings / explanations (if any);
d) review and determine if format /presentation is appropriate. Currently format used is:
i) Fill in the blanks (to consider if essay / open answer format is more appropriate
j) review format of answer entered (different from provided) and se if it is appropriate: Q9a, Q9b and Q13


Read the following passage carefully before you attempt any questions. Answer all the questions.

1 SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 2 (AFP) – A US rock climber used a pen knife to cut off part of his own arm to free himself after being trapped under a 450 kilogram (1,000 pound) boulder for five days, police said Friday.

2 Aron Ralston, 27, was discovered by hikers on Thursday after severing his arm below the elbow with a pocket using climbing equipment to lower himself down a 15-21 metre (50 – 57 feet) rock face to seek help.

3 “This guy is a rare hero,” said Sergeant Mitch Vetere of the Emery County Sheriff’s Department, who was one of the first officials on the scene when Ralston was discovered.

4 “He had a will to live that most people don’t. Knowing what he went through, it’s clear that the guy just didn’t want to die. It’s unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told AFP.

5 “Ralston was hiking in the Blue John Canyon near the Canyonlands National Park in the western state of Utah on Saturday when disaster struck,” Vetere said.

6 “It was supposed to be a one day hike but one of the boulders that he grabbed for a handhold got loose and came crashing down on him, trapping him for five days before he made the toughest decision of his life.

7 “He amputated his arm with his pocket knife, then rappelled 50 to 70 feet down to the bottom of the canyon and then walked four to five miles (up to eight kilometers) before he came upon some hikers,” Vetere said.

8 The frantic hikers flagged down Vetere and his colleagues who were searching the area above them for Ralston who had been reported missing after his abandoned car had been found in a parking lot where he started his hike.

9 . “He was conscious and perfectly calm, although we could see the blood and terrible injuries and he told us that he had to amputate his arm to free himself,” Vetere said.

10 “Ralston was familiar with first aid procedures and made a tourniquet for his severed arm to stop the profuse bleeding caused by the do-it-yourself amputation,” Vetere said.

11 Ralston, a rugged adventurer who lives in the Colorado ski resort of Aspen, walked to a rescue helicopter and then walked tout of it when he reached hospital in Moab, Utah.

12 “The only thing he wanted from us was water because he run out of it on Tuesday – two days before he cut himself free on Thursday morning,” Vetere said.

13 Ralston was in satisfactory condition on Friday in a hospital in the city Grand Junction, which lies just over the Utah border in the state of Colorado, where he was transferred for specialized medical attention.

14 On Friday, rescuers were attempting to free the remains of his arm from under the boulder which officials said was much bigger than Ralston had originally thought.

15 “But doctors were doubtful that the severed limb would be able to be reattached after more than 24-hours out in the wild,” Vetere said.

16 “He may have lost his arm, but he’s an amazing winner because if he had not decided to do whatever it took to free himself, we would not have found him in time to save him because he was in such a remote area,” Vetere said.