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Secondary 3, Mathematics, Worksheet 1 – no ans (cos fractions input by students needs to be resolved), tbc

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Secondary 3, Mathematics, Worksheet 1 – no ans (cos fractions input by students needs to be resolved), tbc

There are a total of 19 questions.
Time Limit: 75 minutes ( 1 hour 15 minutes)

Instructions: Using of calculator shall NOT be allowed.
a) 19 questions already input into LMS.
b) categorized.
To follow up:
a) marks allocation – updated
b) time limit – updated
c) model answers and workings / explanations (if any)
d) review and determine if format (current format used is 18 fill in the blanks and 1 essay / open answer – changed to all fill in the blanks) / presentation is appropriate. Please note that for Q5, the format used. Required to determine if this is appropriate. Q5 deleted as requested.


Update on whatsapp as follow:

a) combine photos of workings into PDF file
b) time duration updated: 1hr 15 mins
c) included instructions: Instructions: Using of calculator shall NOT be allowed.
d) As requested, Q5 has been deleted.
e) marks allocation updated
f) Q2c, 2 different answer: needs to be resolved. Likely to be using free answer format. Please review 1a (fill in the blank format) and 2c (free choice format – able to accept multiple answers and system will accept as correct once it has been entered correctly) and see which type is more appropriate and the rest shall be as follow based on indicated format.
NOTE: Entry for free choice format needs to make sure that students enter in the correct format and spacing (unless we have a plugin to support – this has previously being sent to act like an input on whatsapp). As they cannot enter fractions, I have used “/” as for half (1/2) and one and a half (1 1/2) – 1 space 1/2. This is VERY IMPORTANT because spacing will affect how LMS mark and recognise.
Had tested, free format cannot be done unless we resolve how students input in fractions. The same problem goes for the rest of the input which majority are fractions. Unless we change it to MCQs or essay / open answer (which requires manual marking). Do be advised that MCQs does not necessarily meant only 4 choices. Can have more than that.
g) Discovered that there are inconsistencies in presenting answers in the workings. Some have +/- signs and some do not. There is also +1x versus x or +x. Vik will need to review and see if workings provided are correct so that students get to learn the correct things.
h) Note that there are no “x” workings for 2d, 2e and 2g.
i) some of the answers provided are improper fractions while some are otherwise. Required to standardise. Or is it acceptable? Because there will be some problem in making LMS recognise it and may need to change format to free format. Hence, have yet to input answer into LMS.
j) Had uploaded workings into LMS – Vik to review and see if its appropriate. If not, highlight and amendments shall be made.