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Secondary 3, Mathematics, Worksheet 3: Algebra & Linear Equations – incomplete answers due pending funny symbols entry for answer, tbc

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Secondary 3, Mathematics, Worksheet 3: Algebra & Linear Equations – incomplete answers due pending funny symbols entry for answer, tbc

There are a total of 57 questions.
Time Limit: minutes
a) 57 questions already input into LMS. Q6d deleted as requested.
b) categorized.
To follow up:
a) marks allocation (informed by Vik dtd 3/6/2021 @ 1350hrs: more of practise, no marks and no time limit) – amended
b) time limit – – amended
c) model answers and workings / explanations (if any). Missing answer for Q10a. Answer for Q10b = 1.5h (h = hours?) – amended. Q2g question seems incorrect (question amended with workings included (answer not entered due to the need to rectify how students enter funny symbols) – working also attached to PDF).
d) review and determine if format (currently using Fill in the Blanks) / presentation is appropriate

Outstanding answers not yet entered till we can resolve how students enter funny symbols such as square, cube, roots etc: Q2a, Q2c – Q2g, Q3b, Q3e – Q3g, Q3h, Q5, Q11b – Q11c,

NOTE: Also, for answers and workings, cannot type in coding (informed in Whatsapp chat dtd 4/6/2021 @ 1852hrs)

Update as at 15/6/2021:

a) To input workings into LMS: 2g, 10a, 10b (because only these 3 have workings). Workings saved as images and uploaded to LMS. Vik to provide workings for other questions. Already provided and uploaded dtd 6 Jul 2021. Vik to review.
b) Check on fraction answers for Q4c, 5a, 6b, 12C) – model answers input as “/” for fractions – require Vik to review if this is alright or prefer traditional fraction method.already replied by Vik, amended for workings but problem for student to input of answers.
c) Review Q8a – Q8f and Q9 for free choice format – cannot be done because only accept 1 answer instead of more than 1. Using fill in the blanks, it cannot avoid the problem whereby students enter the same for both (eg instead of x=1, x=-1, they entered either x=1,x=1 or x=-1, x=-1) it shall be marked as correct.
d) Input answers for Q2a, 2c-2f, 3b, 3e-3g, 3i, 5a-5b, 10a-10b, 11b-11c (1. cannot input because of square and cubes which will only display as coding on screen – with or without “$” for coding. 2. Tried also using spreadsheet superscript to cut n paste into LMS – does not work. 3. Tried using “block code” found in the answer section but cannot be done). Workings done by uploading images.

Update as at 6/7/2021:

a) Q2g amended as requested; Q6d deleted as requested. Answer for Q12e amended from 1 to 0.
b) answer for Q4a division was written as “/” slant, to input as slant?
c) answer for Q5a, maybe better to include explanation on why from divide then becomes “x” and, how “cancellation” is been done. cannot perform cancellation as per workings provided cos it can ended up
d) Q10b there is an alternate answer (previously provided), need to enter as well?
e) Q12g answer / working seems to be wrong
f) Answers for Q3c,d, g to m, does it matters if the answers in brackets are in what order? If not, have to think of a solution to let students answer as if its either way, both should be marked as correct.

NOTE: As there are no points / marks to be allocated, we should consider if the students will then be concerned if it will add on to the scoring for leaderboards.